What is The Value Equation?

The Value Equation looks at your life progression as a formula. It provides a guide to what aspects in your life you can focus on to see a measurable change in how valuable you are in the marketplace. As your value in the marketplace increases, so does the paycheck you bring home when all is said and done. Are you facing a life transition, feel stuck in your life, or looking for a way to escape Career Prison? Look no further than The Value Equation.

Franchise Books

A great way to escape Career Prison is through franchise ownership. Joel Stewart, the author of The Value Equation, has gone above and beyond creating a series of franchise books such as the two shown here. This franchise series of books and e-books will help you understand the franchise industry, give you guidance on how to evaluate franchise systems, and give you insight on how to effectively leverage franchise systems to accomplish your goals. To see more books like these in The Value Equation series, check out the "Our Books" section of this website!

The Value Equation E-Course

The Value Equation has been built into an accredited, interactive E-Course that you can find at the Knowledge Innovation Center. The Knowledge Innovation Center courses will count as college credit at Forbes School of Business and Technology as well as the University of Arizona Global Campus. More colleges are expected to host this course very soon. For now, you can find this accredited course here!